Blockchain based
e-Procurement Systems

When a supplier can be distinctly identified across e-GP systems, it will be relatively easier to consolidate authenticated work experience data of suppliers from multiple e-GP systems.

India has more than 50 e-GP systems in operation which work in silos. Unless these e-GP systems are made interoperable, Governments and the supplier community will not realize the full benefits of e-GP. The following features can make these systems more beneficial:

E-Government Procurement Portals cater to the procurement and tendering requirements of various government departments and organizations. Though e-GP systems have contributed to enhanced efficiency and transparency in government procurement, there is potential for further advancement of the existing systems.

A de-duplicated supplier database with each supplier distinctly identified across all the eGP systems.


Authenticated work experience certificates consolidated directly from multiple e-GP systems using Open Contracting Data Standard (OCDS)


Real-time view of contracts pending completion


A permissioned blockchain network setup between the e-GP Systems across the country can overcome these obstacles. This blockchain network will be governed by the terms and conditions decided by the consortium of these e-GP Systems. This blockchain system can be used as the national de-duplicated supplier datastore, with award of contracts and work experience certificates also linked to supplier identity. The supplier will be able to retrieve all the relevant data across all the e-GP Systems. Bank guarantees will also be pushed to this system in a privacy-preserving manner to maintain integrity.

Why Blockchain?


Centre for Smart Governance Karnataka works in emerging tech domains such as blockchain, cybersecurity, etc. to cater to the modern-day IT requirements for the state of Karnataka and the nation. CSG’s vision to strengthen eProcurement systems across the country using blockchain is supported by CRUBN, an IIT Kanpur incubated company which provides state-of-art blockchain solutions for government and business entities across the globe.

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Electronic Performance bank guarantee submission in a distributed environment