Digital Credentials

Verifiable credential allows your credential to prove the following properties:

Based on the philosophy of Self Sovereign Identity, it ensures authenticity verification of your certificates and gives you the control over your data while maintaining immutability and security to it's core.

We are building the new generation digital credentials, powered by blockchain technology, that is easily shareable and instantly verifiable anywhere in the world.

The World of Verifiable Credentials

According to W3C, “Verifiable credentials represent statements made by an issuer in a tamper-evident and privacy-respecting manner.”


Your credentials can be instantly verified by anyone anywhere around the world

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Instant Verification

The solution to the ever-increasing forged certificates

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Tamper proof


Truly own your credentials, all data belongs to you & you only.

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Share only what is relevant, leave out unnecessary details and minimalize data sharing 

Selective disclosure

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Prevent misuse of credential with one - click revocation services


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Make it hard to impersonate credentials with  cryptographic  signatures.

Prevent Fraud

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The problem of fake credentials in India

“Engineering for Rs 75,000, Law Certificate for Rs 2 Lakh from a renowned university”. This is what a news channel published after their sting operation back in 2019.

Another similar fraud became viral in February 2021–Manav Bharti University (MBU) reportedly sold 36,000 fake degrees over 11 years for prices ranging from 100,000 to 300,000 rupees.   

These headlines are common but it has a severe impact on our overall educational ecosystem

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Revoke the credential in one click without caring about the original credential


Create a brand name, with only trusted and verifiable credentials circulating in the market 


Break-free from the hassle of issuing, re-issuing and verifying the same credentials over and over again 


Paper Document 

Traditional digital document 

Documents on Blockchain 

Credentials in SSI ecosystem

Digital Credentials: A quick comparison

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Selective Disclosure of Information

No option to disclose selective information from credentials.

Selective attributes like name, DOB etc. can be shared. 

Credentials in SSI ecosystem cannot be forged.

Tamper Proof

Digital signatures become invalid if the document is manipulated.

Document stored on blockchain cannot be forged.

Paper based documents can be easily forged.

Non- Transferability & Uniqueness

Only the recipient can own the credential. It cannot be copied or shared with anyone. proof allows you to combine various credentials to create a proof.

Only one original copy is present. But the problem of forgery still remains. Paper credentials can be shared easily.

Multiple copies can be created and shared and used by anyone.

Recipient Ownership

Individual credential is not self-sufficient to prove ownership. Need to combine with a second factor of identification like biometrics

Blockchain creates an immutable record of transaction which binds the document with the recipient.

Peer to peer channel has record of transaction. Multiple credentials can be combined to prove the ownership

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Who issued the credential

To whom was the credential issued

The credential is still valid

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The credentials have not been tampered with

Indisi Product Suite

Verification Service

Verification Services for universities/ recruiters to request and verify information from students anywhere around the world.

Digital Wallet

A digital wallet for students to receive, store and share all their digital credentials from a single application.

Issuance Portal

One stop solution for Universities/ Institutes to create, manage and issue custom certificates and diplomas.

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