Our Services

Blockchain Ecosystem Services

Construct and operate reliable blockchain networks for your business.

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Blockchain Advisory & Consultancy

We help create blockchain strategy/roadmaps & initial business value proposition to fulfill your business objectives.

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Blockchain Application Services

We offer custom Blockchain Application Services to take your ideas to PoC/pilot to production

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 Blockchain in other Industries

Identifying & researching themes where blockchain has the potential to drive industry level disruption.

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Our Clients, Associates & Partners

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During it's 54th convocation in the year 2021, IIT Kanpur created history by becoming the first institute in India to issue digital degrees powered by Self Sovereign Identity and blockchain technology. This project was launched by our Honourable PM Shree Narendra Modi where he conferred 1723 degrees to students graduating within Undergraduate, Masters, and PhD degree programs

54th Convocation: IIT Kanpur

IIT Kanpur Digital Degree
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Self-sovereign identity (SSI) is a decentralized digital identity that YOU hold and control. Choose what you share, when you share and with whom you share, anytime-anywhere.


Engage with lower risks, save resources and create a user-friendly environment for your users.

Self Sovereign Identity

Our Solutions



E-Government Procurement Portals cater to the procurement and tendering requirements of various government departments and organizations. The blockchain system can be used as the national

de-duplicated supplier datastore,  with work experience certificates also linked to supplier identity.  Bank guarantees can be pushed to this system to maintain integrity.  

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Digital Certificates


Digital Certificates which are tamper-proof, shareable, and verifiable all over the world. Now you can share selective information from your certificate or combine information from multiple certificates to autofill application forms.

Property Registration


Landholders should have an authentic and tamper-proof record of land. Blockchain creates a non-repudiable chain of transactions for the land. Thus, creating a single source of truth. It brings various departments in sync with each other.

Supply Chain Management


Supply chains are a country's lifelines and there is a direct link between a country's prosperity and the robustness of its supply chain. Blockchain can increase traceability of the material supply chain, lower losses from the counterfeit and grey market, while improving visibility and compliance over outsourced contract manufacturing.

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